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Medical Missions


The OKC Foundation’s medical missions focuses its efforts on bringing free, high quality medical services and supplies directly to patients in the Gambia who would otherwise lack access to healthcare. Our services bring hope to those who often feel abandoned and forgotten. The bi-annual trips lasting 2 to 3 weeks comprise of a team of volunteer physicians and nurses from the United States and partners of local professionals on the ground. These partners consist of local doctors and nurses who speak the language, understand local systems and provide culturally sensitive care.


The goal of the medical missions is to make quality healthcare accessible to the most in need, as well as promote and prevent disease and death through community involvement and education. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.



Scholarship Program


The OKC Foundation aims to contribute to the success and emergence of Gambian higher education graduates who are: academically and socially adept; equipped with the skills needed to become professionals in their fields; and agents of change in their communities, country and beyond. Through its scholarship program, the OKC Foundation aims to improve equitable access to and participation in quality education for both girls and boys.

School Rehabilitation Projects


In many communities in the Gambia, poor infrastructure, small, overcrowded classrooms and lack of basic teaching materials and resources, prevent quality education for students. The OKC foundation aims to partner with communities, the Ministry of Basic & Secondary Education (MoBSE) and donors to rehabilitate various schools in the Gambia.

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