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Building a Better Gambia
where Healthcare and Education
is Accessible to Everyone.


The Ousman Koro Ceesay Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides access to free healthcare and resources for quality education to underprivileged Gambians.

OKC is a family philanthropic organization created to honor the legacy and work of our late parents, Seni and Fatoumatta, and brother, Ousman Koro Ceesay, for whom the foundation is named. 


Koro (as he was known by family and friends) was the perfect blend of our parents. He was disciplined, brilliant, compassionate, hardworking, funny, humble, and loving.  A man of integrity and principles. Koro was very approachable and welcomed everyone with his signature smile. His charisma and eloquence earned him popularity. He was well known and well liked.  He was a role model, a mentor to young people and a friend to older people.  He loved his close and extended family, especially his sisters. Koro encouraged people to maximize their potential in life, and that whatever one does, it must contribute to the human existence. 


Koro believed in the potential of the youth.  He believed that the youth will change the Gambia and ultimately transform Africa. He encouraged young people to go out in the world to set their mark, search for the truth, seek knowledge and stand for what they believed in, but to always be just in their quest. He believed in service to family and country. 

In his quest to show how young people can transform and revolutionize a country, Koro joined heads with some of the young minds aspiring to bring change to the Gambia, and established an IT firm called Quantum Associates. It was during this time at Quantum Associates that Koro was approached by the AFPRC Gov't in March 1995 to join them in working to set up a government for the people of The Gambia.

In March 1995, he was appointed Minister of Finance to help steer the Gambia out of its economic crisis. However with his untimely passing on June 23, 1995, he did not live to see his vision turn into reality.


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