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Our Volunteers are at the heart of what has made OKC meaningful, impactful, and inspiring. And the people we've been able to help by providing access to healthcare and education is what gives our world purpose and hope. Below, medical professionals and sponsored students share their profound experiences with the Koro Ceesay Foundation and how they're giving back to their communities.

Gambia Clinic Group Photo.jpg

Robert Lee, M.D.

Urgent Care Physician / Volunteer

During my final year of residency I had the pleasure of accompanying my friend and colleague, Dr. Naffie Ceesay, for an unforgettable mission trip to Gambia. We spent our days seeing patients of the local communities for a variety of ailments and setting up health clinics at the Fajikunda Health Center and Bansang Hospital. The work was invigorating as healthcare professionals, as well as culturally enriching. I have enjoyed cultivating kinship with the local health professionals that are working day in and day out alongside us for the betterment of the community.


Ida Sanneh

Nurse / Volunteer

My grandmother, who contributed to who I am today, is the reason I volunteer. She suffered from the poor health system of Gambia. Her passing has been my motivation and the reason I went to nursing school. There is no better feeling than giving back to the people in need of our services.


Lamin C.

Student Scholarship Recipient / Nurse

For three years I have been an auxiliary nurse volunteer at Fajikunda Health Center. I had never had a thought of having an opportunity to attend a university, especially private school at American International University West Africa (AIUWA). But this life cheering up opportunity had made a great impact in my life, and now I'm working towards getting good grades at school, getting a good job, helping my family and helping people around me who may need my services. I am also looking forward to making a difference and impact in the life of others. Thanks!


Abbie J.

Student Scholarship Recipient

This sponsorship really changed my life. You guys change all the sufferings I was going through. Most importantly, you saved me from early marriage, made me a responsible person in society. I am gaining the knowledge to save lives through pharmacology. This educational experience has made me bold and confident. I have a bright future now. I'm so grateful for everything.

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